Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Classes Begin

Had my first class.  Still going through intro stuff, pretty easy so far.  I have to buy a bunch of stuff though..

The other day I went out to explore/get a baguette.  Somehow, I managed to get lost and not find a boulangerie (bakery) for about an hour.  Then I bought half a white baguette.  Then it takes me about an hour to find my way back (I didn’t mind at first since I was just exploring anyways, but then I finally asked someone).  Unfortunately I pretty much finished my half baguette, snacking as I walked, in that time.  So it takes me a few more moments to find another boulangerie and then I buy a whole baguette and bring it home to save for future meals.

I really needed a watch so I can know what time it is without taking my brick of a phone out of my bag (which is kept pretty well closed as a precaution against pick pockets).  I bought some fake/boot-leg one off a street vender for 10 euros by Hotel de Ville.  It is still working too!! :)  I also had to go out and buy a flash drive since I don’t have internet at home and it is just really handy in my situation.
Had a blast this weekend.  (Oh, and the bar from the last post is Charly Birdie.) Classes start tomorrow morning (Tuesday).  Black & White photography.  I don’t have classes on Mondays.  Coincidently, there’s a strike tomorrow too and only one of four trains are running on my line.  Hmm…

Dinner: Salad, baguette, cheeses, milk (the 2% milk here is about the same/a little thicker than whole milk in the States), liver pâté … maybe some eggs?

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