Friday, September 10, 2010


Seine River -- a happy accident (as Alex Walker would call it)

Thursdays are soo long.  Just got back home, and super tired … So far (based on first impressions), Ed, professor of Contemporary Portraiture, is my favorite.  Apparently he’s pretty popular among the girls in the class too.

Film is soo expensive … @#$%! … especially in Paris … Just for film and paper, its about .80 Euros per shot.  Then there’s the chemicals and everything, not to mention the initial investment in a 35mm Film Camera, filters, and lenses.  … gulp …  I wonder if I’ll need two cameras for Color Photography and B&W Photography … or I’ll have to get a ton of film (I’ll have to shoot at least a roll per assignment so I can change between the two…)  Anyways, turns out I’m using it for 3 of my classes, so I’m going to need a lot of film.

I had this cheese the other day: Petit Munster.  It tastes like Mac & Cheese :) (?) … except not nearly as cheap.  I also tried French apple cider and sangria.  The cider was alright.  It tastes classy.  And the sangria was delicious!  Plus it was a little less than 2 euros for the largest bottle I’ve seen in Paris!

First few photo assignments:
1)       36 (One roll of film) New perspectives of the Eiffel Tower.
2)       A self-reflecting self-portrait.
3)       A power-point presentation on a fashion designer.
4)       A you-tube-esque motion-graphics lyrics-to-song thing.  (Sync words to a song and make everything look nice.  I chose Come on get Higher by Matt Nathanson.)
5)       And then I have two more [new] classes today.  We’ll see what those are like.  Color Photography and Lightning Seminar.

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