Thursday, September 16, 2010

590 EUR = 772 USD

1) HDR / Manual Composite - Some bridge near the Louvre
2) HDR - Notre Dame
3) Long exposure - Notre Dame
4) Non-HDR version of a pic I posted a few days back (fr. the top of the Arc de Triumph)

Set my alarm for 6:09AM today.  Sunrise was at 7:25 according to google.  Brushed my teeth, packed some camera stuff, and went out to finish the last 10 shots on my roll of color film.  I'm not exactly sure how they'll turn out cause the street lights were still on so it might turn yellow (day light film with tungsten lights)...  But then I still had 3 more shots.  I walked around and ran into this GORGEOUS place in the Marais.  I think I ruined my last shot cause I think I took a couple shots on my last slide of film by accident.  Oh well...

Anways, I went and dropped it off to be developed at Negatif+.  It costs about 9.something euros for a roll of color film, another 9.something euros to develop.  That's ~20 euros for one roll of color film, and that doesn't even cover the cost of paper to print yet...  While we're still on the subject of how expensive film is, I spent 590 euros yesterday on film/film accessories.  I bulk purchased 100 rolls of film and 250 sheets of Ilford MGIV RC Deluxe 7x9.5".  As for the accessories, I had to get film sleeves to store the film, which only fit in a special binder that they made to hold these sleeves.  For my lighting class, I needed a hot-shoe-to-sync-cord adaptor which my prof said was between 1-10 euros.  They charged me 13...  Luckily I'm splitting the paper and film with some classmates, so I'm getting a good chunk of that money back.   ...which I need to pay rent.  And eat.

PS.  I lost my Paris/Metro map again...  In my defense, I had just taken what I think might be my favorite pic in Paris thus far and got super excited, etc...

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