Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the way to Paris

1) Still don't have internet at home and I can't find a free wifi spot around Paris yet.  I was told McDonald's has it though.
2) I need my Bank of America PIN to get money from the ATMs, but I don't know it, and they won't give it to me because of security reasons..
3) I met soo many nice people on my way to Paris.  One of them was my neighbor on the plane.  He was coming back from a two day trip to Las Vegas. He works at a small airport and said I should hit him up on the weekends.  Maybe he'll even be able to hook me up with cheap tickets to explore neighboring countries!
4) Wow.  Everything is soo much smaller over here.
5) Really wish I had a tripod.
6) Super nice studio room!  Except the no internet part.
7) Paris is soo beautiful!!  I'm close to the Notre Dame, St. Micheals, and the Louvre.  And much more I'm sure!!

Pics above are kinda sloppy, but I wanted to throw them up for the post!  Internet is from a Libe right now :)


  1. the clouds are awesome!

  2. I'm sooo happy you're updating! These pictures are so familiar, they remind me of someplace I might have already been? Haha. We miss you already! And yes McDonalds does have wifi, but its always sooo busy there, and kind of awkward.