Thursday, August 12, 2010


This morning Kristine, Bacon and I made Naan.  And quite successfully this time!  Also, the bat from yesterday's post is going to the U of M[N] today to get tested for rabies.  Maybe they'll fix him up if he's clean too :)

Above are just some composites that, well, aren't great, but I had fun making.


  1. Poor bat!! FYI: "Rabies testing is a test generally done on animals (predominantly wild animals) when a person has been bitten.
    Since the 1960s, the standard test for rabies has been Direct fluorescent antibody test (dFA test). Because rabies is present in nervous tissue (and not blood like many other viruses), it's best to test for rabies in brain tissue. This test can only be done post-mortem." (

  2. ..... :( I loved that bat. I thought about him that whole day.