Friday, August 13, 2010

Meyers 214

Woke up in Meyers 238 today.  238 because that's where Bacon's new room is and Steven is away for the weekend.  Meyers because apparently Carleton's bat protocol is not up to MN Department of Health's code, and so all Rice House residents have to move out asap.  I ended up getting kicked out of my triple into a single by Carleton's random room selection.  Anyways, Meyers is far, smaller, and all of this is really just a lot of unneeded work :(

Also, another edit on that wing-damaged bat: The person that lives in that room thinks he figured out what happened.  The bat got in their room and was trying to get back outside.  He clawed the grate of the fan open, which was sitting in the window.  Unfortunately the fan was on and the bat tried to fly through.  After that he just crawled around on the ground.. :'(  I wonder what a fan would look/sound like in sonar.

Edit: Oh, and Meyers 214 cause that's my single.

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  1. it's Myers, fyi. sucks about the hassle though. and poor bat :(