Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I’ve been averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night or less during my stay here.  I’ve also drank more expresso/coffee in the last few days than I have in any year of my life.  And I don’t even like coffee that much lol.  I’ve concluded I hate red wine and am now in pursuit of the cheap/fake/frowned-upon super-sweet desert wines (like the strawberry white wines).  The cheese here is AMAZING!@#  I’ve had a few, but I’ve also had a super soft and creamy goat cheese that’s probably one of the best cheeses I’ve had in my life.

The school took us out and gave us fish tartar (raw fish) and a super rare steak for diner.  It was pretty … sophisticated …  I also walk to the Eiffel Tower yesterday (my school is close to it) and there were some pretty cool kids doing soccer tricks under the tower.  Wedding pictures too.

Met a bunch of people yesterday.  Most everyone here is just absolutely loaded.  Dressing up for school is a nice change (for now anyways).  Everyone has a pretty distinct style and mine happens to be the semi-casual look.  Jeans, button downs, maybe a loose tie, etc.  Also found out I’ll only have two non-weekend days off for the next four months.  I guess that means no traveling really.

The real Parisians will be coming back at the end of the week and all the DSLR carrying tourists will be leaving soon.  Speaking of which, Isabele’s host dad was talking about shooting at 1600 ISO just for the look even in daylight.  I might explore grainy photos soon instead of trying to edit out the grain.  

Something that I’ve been noticing every now and then is that my wrist still hurts from when I got hit by a car and my shoulder is still crappy (I think from Frisbee).


  1. ps. thats my host mom in the first picture

  2. so cool!!! goat cheese is amazing, but I can't believe you don't like red wine... okay I can believe it, but I love it - it has to be the good stuff though. Sounds like you're having a great time!!