Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Michigan

Met up with Rob Bradley at Logan Square.  Pretty chill night, pretty fun :)
Bought Rob a wheat grass shot this morning.  He said he's never had one before and I figured its not really one of those things he'd buy on his own, so I bought him one.  He described the flavor as very green.

Then I go climbing OUTSIDE for the first time in my life at a gym Peter works at.  Yeah, it still wasn't real rocks, but outside nonetheless :)  We come home to a wonderfully home-cooked meal with the best tomatoes I've ever had!  Apparently they were just normal sautéed grape tomatoes...  The rest of the night was spent along the shores of Lake Michigan (and coming from MN, it is somewhat rare to see the water take up the whole horizon) and then watching Whip It in the living room.  If you liked Juno, which I did, you'll like Whip It.

Oh, and apparently you don't need to do that whole gift-card-wifi thing at Starbuck's anymore!

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  1. That parking garage is so cool!