Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 21st Pat Doty!!

First off, Happy B-Day Pat!!

On a completely unrelated note, I've come to realize I leave most thoughts unfinished.  That is, I conclude most thoughts with a non-answer; I leave many things with a few possible conclusions.  More often than not, I feel inadequately informed, not fully self-aware, or inexperienced to choose one of these conclusions.  And so much like this, I don't really know where my thoughts lead, but, to me, they seem omnipresent and progressive.  But taking a step back and seeing it as described here, it seems highly inefficient and non-directional...

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  1. I am convinced that this is the only conscientious way to live life. The fact is that we are rarely, if ever, adequately informed. We can make judgements about what seems to be the best answer, certainly; but as soon as we've decided that it IS the best answer, we lose our ability to modify our conclusions with the introduction of new information and, just as importantly, we lose the ability to see those with differing views as reasonable people. If you reached a certain conclusion, and you think it's 100% true, then why haven't they? They must, you may conclude, be unreasonable people.

    It is my firm belief that this is the cause of a lot of ill will in the world. People are convinced that they are right, when in reality they are probably just as unjustified as anyone else in believing any particular thing.