Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Bye Chicago

Woke up this morning and had a bowl of Multi-grain Cheerios with soy milk.  The soy milk because they didn't have normal milk.  Unfortunately, that made the cereal much too thick and creamy >.<

After that I hopped on the train, found my way to the French Consulate on the 37th floor using the fastest elevator I've ever been on.  I swear it took like 6 seconds to go from the 1st floor to the 37th.  My ears popped 2 or 3 times along the way.  Everything went well enough.  I'm planning on getting my Visa in about 10 days.  Hopefully that works out.  I don't have too much room for error seeing how I'm leaving on the 26th.

Spent/spending the rest of the day downtown.  It's unbearably hot and humid though...  Had to find a coffee shop to hide out in for a few hours (that's where I am now).  I ordered a bubble tea.  The worst one I've ever had in my life.  It wasn't the flavor, just how it was made...?

My plan to to [maybe] get a Chicago deep dish tonight for dinner.  We'll see what happens with that though.  Back on the Megabus at 10:30, then work tomorrow at the Northfield Enterprise Center at 9:00am.


  1. please complain more about the free cereal my family supplied you with.

  2. lol, I enjoy soy milk and I enjoy cereal. And I'm glad I had a breakfast. I was just saying it wasn't wise of me to mix the two :p

    Had a delicious fish diner the night before though!

  3. please complain more about hanging out with me (in wicker park, not downtown)

  4. I had already omitted the adventure in finding you, the repetitive walks, and me watching you read... lol :)

    But of course it was great!!