Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I think I'm picking up a photography gig this weekend for Carleton.  Some alumni art show thing maybe?  I haven't really been given many details.  Anyways, it sounds pretty sweet! Also, I get an email yesterday in the middle of the day (a complete surprise to me) saying Carleton wants to buys some of my images for their calender this year.  A couple sentences later, they say they're paying me $100/image.  .. too bad there's only 12 months in a year .. :) [I didn't get all 12 months myself].

Photo credit to Tam Bui on the second picture.


  1. That first pic is pretty sweet... that could make for a good calender pic... "Look, kids at our school text while they study!"

  2. lol. Too bad its a coffee store in Chicago :)
    Worst well-off coffee store I've ever been too...

  3. Carleton doesn't have to know it was not at Carleton... it can be our little secret.