Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Work

I met up with a friend and went to Wicker Park for my last day in Illinois.  For diner, we wanted to get Chicago deep dish at a sit down place with AC around there (because we figured it would be significantly more expensive in Chicago proper).  After an hour of searching, we gave up.  We could only find take outs and places with 50 min waits.  Funny enough, we ended up getting New York style pizza at a local air-conditioned sit-down pizzeria.  Brooklyn pepperoni has always been my favorite anyways.  That or Punch Pizza.

Came back to Northfield today and tried to sleep on the wire frame of my mattress-less bed-frame.  I tried for about 8 mins and then gave up.  Eventually I decided I would just go to work early to start making up some hours that I missed.  When I went to change, I found all of Mike's clothes there.  I knew it was Mike's from his super bright blue track pants.

Anyways, back at work now and apparently my boss hasn't been in the office the past week.  I scheduled an appointment with a client at Tea Creations today.  I'm planning on a double honey almond smoothie.  Should be good!  Better than yesterday's anyways...

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