Friday, July 2, 2010

Hit by a Car. Check.

Soo.  Got pulled over for the first time for speeding yesterday ...It was an undercover black SUV... Got off with a warning.  [Zach, don't tell your mom ... please.  lol.]  Then, it was probably mostly my fault, but I jogged across the street and got hit by a car [/I jogged into a car ... however you want to look at it.]  Tore my jeans, lost a BMW key, and wasted a few hours looking for them.  I'm fine though, just a few bruises here and there.  But now I get to say I've been hit by a car :)


  1. hahahahahhaahah

  2. Resisting all kinds of comments right now.

    I will go with this one... glad you are not seriously injured.