Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Work ... :)

Wow.  This summer internship at Northfield Enterprise Center is amazing!  The only thin I can really complain about is the low pay.  Everything else has been great!  Lots of freedom, lots of room for creativity, and very relaxed.  Currently my two projects are giving The Mandarin Garden Restaurant an online presence (there's a lot of nuances to this, but its not really worth talking about), and figuring out Butler's retuning customer rate via credit card numbers and how to use these customers to bring in more business.

On another note, Northfield pick-up hasn't been as high-level as I thought it would have been from what people said.  It's still fun though, just not what I expected.  [Pics above are from reunion.]


  1. When do you play pick-up? Ill be home in two weeks and will be in desperate need of playing some frisbee...

  2. Mon Wed Fri 5:30-8:00ish behind the Rec Center

  3. haha, I think it's funny that you thought pickup was going to be's generally pretty relaxed, but one of my favorite frisbee experiences:)