Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Dacie Moses Experiance

After diner we headed over to Dacie Moses for their desert day.  Unfortunately we came too late, and they ran out.  No worries though, it's Dacie Moses, you can make your own desert.  We wanted to make something crazy though, not just chocolate chip cookies (not to mention that Mike doesn't like chocolate.)  Anyways, we found a recipe for Candied Orange, Almond, and Honey cookies.  We ended up substituting just about everything :)

One of my jobs was to put in four cups of sifted flour.  Later, when we tasted the batter, we noted it was very sweet and still very runny.  Mike tastes the flour and says, "This is powered sugar..."  We end up doubling everything and Kristine puts in four heaping handfuls of flour.  As we check on the cookies which we had just placed in the oven, one of the Dacie girls walks by and comments, "Wow, those look pretty good for cookies without flour."  ...???...  Turns out we had used beer muffin batter.  The cookies still tasted like cookies.  Mostly because it was just soo sweet.  The final product was essentially pazuki without the ice cream.

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