Sunday, June 27, 2010

Club Photography

It was sort of a disaster...  kind of.  So at first things seems to work out since I could take my time with the shots.  Then once it got more crowded, much of the ambient light was blocked and so my D3000 couldn't auto focus and so all the shots kept coming out blurry.  Eventually I just switched from my 50mm 1.4 for my 16-85mm 3.5.  It took me a little bit, but I realized I can just shoot at f-3.5 then 5.6, then 9 as long as I just abuse the flash.  And so I guess renting the 50mm was a waste of $20.  It was fun to play with though.  Anyways, now I have 100s of photos to post process and many photos to sharpen ... heh...

So basically I learned two things.  (1) You don't need a fast lens for club photography (unless I just completely missed something...) and (2) Club photography seems like really amateur and skill-less point-and-shoot photography.  Just use a lot of fill flash, bounce the light if you can, and frame the picture in your viewfinder.  It felt like I had a big point-and-shoot camera that could power a bigger flash.

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  1. the pic of that dog is kind of scary... but the one of the two kids at the water fountain is really cute :)