Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back in MN

Drove 8 hours last night on our way back.  had two Monster Coffee energy drinks.  Felt like I wanted to throw up at some points during the drive after the second one.  Probably just too much sugar ... or chemicals ...
Mom couldn't really handle driving.  She didn't want to leave my brother but she also final recognized how impractical that is.  Anyways, she mentioned how people in Ohio just didn't seem quite as nice and inviting as Minnesotans.  She also commented countless times how everything seems soo much more expensive there..

On an aside, I apologize for the recently more common occasional-lame-picture(s)...  I'll work on it...  Just got the full Adobe suite updated :)

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  1. Those are my brother's shoes in case anyone was wondering. Those are the boots they wear in the Air Force (..and military in general?)