Friday, March 26, 2010

Tripodless HDRs

I wanted to know how good Photomatrix is, how good of a program it is.  I tried to take 5 different exposure shots without a tripod (so the frame moved in each one) and combine them all for an HDR effect.  Tonemapped accordingly but I think my computer's graphics card couldn't really handle it too well.  Anyways, I say one was a success, the other was not.  Either way, idk if I enjoy the HDR look...


  1. Which one did you like better?

    You should really check out some night time HDR shots! Those are sweet

  2. Well the top one is really blurry. so I considered that a failure. I think I like HDR (or could get to like HDR) in really subtle applications. I've seen the nighttime ones. They are pretty unique, but too drastic for me (and I'm already one who likes pretty enhanced looking photos).