Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Confirmation and Inferiority Complex

Lost in my own thoughts, I stumbled upon two terms I had learned Freshman year for a psychoanalysis paper on Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game.  This was when I thought Sigmund Freud and everything he wrote was really cool.  Anyways, the two terms are Confirmation Complex and Inferiority Complex.  I ended up googling the terms because I couldn't remember why they are bivalent and what the nuanced differences between them were.

Quite conveniently, I found the same website that I read about five years ago in 9th grade (Confirmation and Inferiority Complex website).
  • The confirmation complex has the emotional dynamic of jealousy (self-pity mode). It arises from the experience of insufficient love as a child ; it is a psychological need.
  • The inferiority complex has the emotional dynamic of narcissism (vanity mode). It arises from the experience of denigration as a child ; it is an existential need.
  • The confirmation complex and the inferiority complex are binary needs. This relationship ensues because jealousy (self-pity mode) and narcissism (vanity mode) are binary emotions.
Your views about yourself can belittle you, and the criticisms of other people can also belittle you. This can make you dislike someone. The decisive test for separating the two needs is what person is your dislike directed to. Who do you dislike ?
If you dislike yourself, then this implies the inferiority complex is dominant at that moment.
If you dislike the other person, then the need for social approval is uppermost at that moment (if it were not uppermost, then what that person said to us would not bother us).

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