Friday, January 1, 2010

Portfolio: Before and After

So I recently threw together a portfolio and I decided to re-edit one of my old pictures.  I figured my photoshop skill sets have greatly improved since and that I would be able to do much better this time around.

Here are the links to the two older blog posts with the original picture and my first attempt at editing it respetivily:
1) Chapel Exterior
2) Chapel hai-lights

And now here's my most recent attempt.  I cropped it to zoom in on the antenna (the primary edit).



  1. Note the "Before" in this one already underwent color corrections and basic edits.

  2. I like how you comment on your own posts.

  3. :) It's quicker than editing the posts.

    I went back and removed the rest of the antena. Origially I thought it would look fine as is, but I decided it was still pretty distracting. I'll post the new full before and after edit tomorrow.