Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Concept with GlamFix

So I was bored and surfing fb.  I noticed a really odd picture of a friend's friend (whom I didn't know).  Anyways, it looked like a really bad peice of art, but it reminded me of an-already-been-done art concept (what I'm about to show you).  But I thought it was pretty tight.  So I opened Adobe bridge and opened some files that I've already edited.  This was my first attempt using the "Find Edges" mask of Glam Fix.

I liked it.  Problem was I didn't like the image.  Just the concept.  So here came the second attempt.  This time I used the stamp filter mask of GlamFix.

The background showed through and I didn't like that.  I wanted more sky.  So I deleted the background and that's what you see above.  Still wasn't what I was looking for though.  So here's my 3rd try with the combined mask.

That's the one!  That's what I was looking for.  Except the background wasn't phenomenal with this effect.  So I browsed through my pics and settled on this one, my new profile pic on fb :)  Refer to previous blog posts for more information about GlamFix.  (You can just use the archived blog post links on the right hand side of the web page too.  Just look for titles with "GlamFix" in it.)

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