Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Janurary 25, 2010

Had morning practice.  I always feel soo great after, but then in class, I can never seem to stay awake...
In CS class right now.  Struggling to keep my eyes open.

Anyways, I took this pic cause I thought it had a very classical romantic look/atmosphere to it.  I'm not really sure why... I think it's the lighting and the finished oak wood.  Makes me wish I knew how to play the piano.


  1. i still can't believe you guys had practice that early... i guess that is what it takes to win nationals.

    this is a sick picture.... kinda reminds me of the movie the pianist, even though i have never seen it and have no idea what it is about. its weird though, because i like it much better when it is small, as it is in the post, not when its huge as it is when its blown up. I think the lack of detail, especially in the shades on the wood finish, when looking at the small picture, really enhance the contrasts of the piano and shades.

    i probably sounded like i am such a tool. but anyways, thats my opinion.

  2. I'm thought about it and I think the picture probably just requires a softer focus. In short, I need to blur the entire picture.