Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A New World with MM

So this text has very little to do with the images.  I've just laid out the pictures for the next 4-7 days and post them as the days past.  Anyways, I was recently approved for a Model Mayhem account (its nothing special, the approval process is just to make sure your not spamming porn/absolute shitty photographer or something like that) and it's really opened doors for me.  I've picked up an admin mentor which is just a genius with lighting.  I'm also in the process of scheduling 3 solo photo shoots (2 girls and a MMA guy).  There was another girl, but I don't want to overbook at this point.  Problem is, I have no idea where to shoot.  I have a good idea for the guy cause he's a little more rough around the edges and it wasn't too hard to figure out a setting for him.  ...HELP...

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