Friday, December 4, 2009

The Last of This Photo Shoot

Alas, the final two pictures.  They're pretty similar, but I think they have very different moods.  (Also, sorry for the late post.  My wifi is very inconsistent.  Some days I'll have it, other days I won't.)

On the top one, I had to edit out white straps that were holding the wings up on the guy's back.  LMK if you think you can see where they use to be.

Even though this is the last of this shoot, keep checking back.  I had a day in Minneapolis that went really well.  The photos will start appearing tomorrow!  And this Sunday, I have another shoot with new models :)  And the Sunday after that, I think I might be going more fantasy shots with ... If there's any good shots from the second one, which their may not be cause there really won't be any photographers ... (?!?!) ... I think you'll really enjoy it =D

Uploading this from the Libe cause I don't have internet atm,

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  1. Prepare for some ridicule next term of your fetish for taking pics of guys without shirts... and now ANGEL WINGS too. Joking aside, I think the guy's jeans are a bit out of place in the second one. I can tell its a fantasy in the other pics, but when he's wearing jeans too it kinda looks like its just some guy who dressed up with angel wings with his girlfriend. Maybe you can photoshop the jeans off him. Or just sack up and show the real pics, like evange said.

    Or take a pic of mike with angel wings.