Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a little more photography

So i just realized today that I have another shoot set up with another model this Saturday.  Her mom is also coming.  I don't think that'll change anything.  They're wasn't gonna be any risqué pics anyways.  Anyways, the problem I'm having now is coming up with new ideas for shoots.  There's soo many uncontrollable properties.  Such as their wardrobe, make-up, sunlight, etc.  There's a couple things I want to reshoot/redo from last time's shoot, but I don't want to have the exact same shoot either...  And the other part of this problem is that I don't know many good places to shoot indoors...

Also, I just put in google analytics into the html thingy of my blog.  I guess this means I'll see how few people actually check my blog ... :'(

Anyways, just one pic for ya'll today:

This one isn't to artsy, crazy, or revolutionary.  I just thought it was a good picture :)
Hope you enjoy it.  Keep stopping in, more of her to come.

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