Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here on Earth

So here we are, the first three pics of the Angel series of the photo shoot.  I'm really only particularly proud of the last one.  The first one is kind of weak in my opinion.  I think its mostly because I wasn't able to edit it as well as the others.  In the last one, I edited out telephone lines.  If you look closely, you can sorta tell where they were/would have been.  If I spent more time on them, I think they could have been better.

On another note, I made a ModelMayhem (MM) account today.  It's still awaiting approval.  But wow!  I'm not even close to mastering photoshop.  It's amazing what people do!!  They can completely change the lighting in a portrait if they wanted to.  As in they can delete and create their own highlights and it just looks perfect...  It's sort of depressing.  I mean it would be awesome to become a photographer for National Geographic or Maxim or some big name, but its sooo unrealistic...  *sigh*


  1. you gotta hit me with the REAL pictures of that chick...HOOK A BROTHER UP HAIIIIIII

    good pics, stop being so bashful. national geographics it is.


  2. I love! the last one!!