Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Solo Photo-shoot

So, as the title suggests, I has my first solo photo shoot today!  Woke up a little later than I wanted to, wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get the car, and everything else that makes this story just that much more entertaining.  Anyways, I did end up getting the car after dropping off my mom and doing a few chores for her.  For some reason, I had in my mind that I needed to be at the Guthrie by 11.  Anyways, I stopped by Micheals to pick up props.  I wanted spirit gum (thanks Justin), push tacks, and some other crazy stuff.  They didn't have the spirit gum so I didn't buy anything.

Got home, rushed around the house to pack some props, played around with the props, and decided they wouldn't be helpful.  All I brought was my laptop and my camera bag.  Then I remembered I don't have to be there till 12.  I ended up leaving 20 mins earlier than needed so I could get comfortable with the setting again (figuring out my angles and lighting).  Needless to say, being Asian, I got lost.

Arrived at about 11:59.  Walked around.  The model called, met up with her, exchanged words, she changed, and we began to shoot.  I think it started pretty well.  Problem was that I don't think she particular warmed up to me (that's probably my fault) and I don't think she was that experienced either.  Kind of stiff and couldn't throw out any poses.  I had to tell her specifically what to do just about every shot.  But she was really nice and definately a great model for my first solo shoot!  More than I can ask for really.

Took about 400 shots in the Guthrie and the Ruins by the stone arch bridge.  I'd say there's about 47 good shots, about 76 other passable ones, and probably 17 that I'll edit for portfolio purposes.  (Which is really good considering before now, the most I've ever edited for portfolios per photo-shoot was about 4-8!!)

So although the atmosphere wasn't perfect, I think the photos will turn out well!  Here's a couple to start off the week.

Both are experimental.  The first one was only color corrected, no other edits.  It's also not a portfolio shot.  The will probably be a portfolio shot.