Monday, December 21, 2009

Feeling the Rhythm

So this next shoot went really well.  At first, when I got home and looked over the pics I thought that I hadn't gotten many good shots.  But then yesterday, when I looked over them again, I found some more goodies.

So the shoot.  I came early to check out the shooting location.  I found some new places I hadn't seen before.  Eventually I got a call and the model said she was here but couldn't find me.  After like 5 mins, we eventually found each other and she showed me the wardrobe she brought.  I picked out the outfit and we started shooting.  Things went a lot more smooth and she warmed up to me a lot faster than the last model.  She also knew some Carls!

So we did a bunch of poses and she was pretty easy to work with.  I was expecting a bunch of good shots but, as I said, they didn't meet my expectations.  She got pretty cold, we went indoors, shot some more, shot outdoors again, and then called it a day.  She said she had a great time and enjoyed working with me :)

Here's the first set.  Also, I fixed hai-lights GlamFix!  More on that tomorrow.

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