Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Direct Portraits

So here is my latest assignment.  Direct portraits with creative twists.  It was also my first try at studio lighting.

Portrait 1: The Great Hall
I wanted to play with eye lines.  One of the most powerful sources of attention-direction are eye lines (mean where other people in the picture are looking.)  Because I wasn't exactly sure where to look since I was just looking at space, it didn't work out perfectly.  Also, because I couldn't tell where I would line up in the various positions, it wasn't a great overall composition either.  But it was fun and a great photoshop learning experience!

 Portrait 2: Scrabble
The prof didn't particularly like this one.  He pointed out that individually, the pictures were not that great.  However, I presented it as a two-up.  In short, it was probably his least favorite one of the three.  But in terms of photoshop, I thought this was a fun project too.  It was my first real attempt at portrait touch-ups.  I played with the eyes to brighten them and bring them out as much as I could (this included adding a mascara effect).  I also made the teeth a little whiter, her lips a little more red, and just for fun added a little blush to her cheeks.  Upon reflection, I guess I understand what he means when he said that neither shot is great individually... quite saddening to hear :(

Portrait 3: Miq
This is my favorite one.  I also spot edited about 95% of the entire photo.  I dimmed, blurred, and desaturated the surrounding water.  I brightened and sharpened the water flowing from his hands.  I should have made Mike look a lot buffer (like I did with just his shoulders) but I realized that afterwords and didn't want to go back and do more editing.  I figured the focus of the picture is the water anyways.  This was probably the most fun portrait to shoot.

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