Monday, October 19, 2009

No Wisconsequences

Lost to Hodags X ... twice.  As always a typical Carleton-Wisconsin debate team game.  Seems to be some new talent on both sides.  I'm excited for this year to say the least.


Besides Wisconsin X, we won all our games finishing 2nd for some buy-1-get-1-free Chipotle coupons (That's how you know Frisbee is a real sport.)  But Chipotle was particularly good after the long weekend.  I only played day 1 due to a recurring injury in my right ankle.  In short, I recently learned I have really bad tendons and that my ankles suck.  As always, CUT leaves with a lot more injuries than we come in with.

As you can tell from the photos, I'm not a huge fan of action photography.  It seems so luck based.  That and I don't think I really have the equipment for it.  Oh well.  This isn't my typical photo-blog post, but I thought these pictures were enjoyable and hope you find them that way too.  CUT makes CUT '10 cuts tonight.



  1. That first photo of the team is sweet.

  2. good luck on making the team. I hear there is a scrimmage this weekend at tcf bank stadium CUT vs Grey Duck. I'm playing on the B team for Grey Duck cause I was having a hard time getting people to play pick up games