Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Panorama

o I recently learned how to make panoramas via photoshop.  ...It's surprisingly really easy.  A couple things I forgot to do was to lock my exposure setting so then the sky doesn't look different throughout the picture like it does here.  Also, these shots were taken hand-held during one of CUT's track workouts.  I was injured (B.A.B.)  I could have spent more time with the shots and make sure the focus was better and minimize camera shake next time... O well.

I am suppose to be working on my Ancient Philosophy paper right now, but I decided doing this would be more fun :)  It's not a particularly good picture by any means.  Pretty average to be honest, but I think novelty goes a long way here for me.  Panoramas also don't do to well in this blog format...  For whatever reason, I can't upload it in its full size.  Sorry...   [if you click on the image, I think it gets a little bigger.]


  1. photo currently unavailable? :(

  2. hmm... look at that...
    The Panoramas don't display very well on flickr anyways due to the height/width limitation...
    I can try emailing it to you if you'd like, but even then the file sizes are enormous and it may be difficult.