Monday, October 12, 2009

An Early Snow Fall

It's October 12th and everything is coated with a respectable amount of snow.  On my way to Ancient Philosophy in Leighton (coming from French in the LDC) I saw two great shots.  Unfortunately, by the time class ended, the whether warmed up just enough to give the snow a wet, melted look and not the original fluffy first-snow fall that I saw on my way there.  I took the shots anyways and they are decent, though they will require editing.  Instead I captured this shot, which I didn't think would be very good but ended up liking it after all.

I don't consider it a hai-light, but hope you like it nonetheless!  I just enjoy the green (summer) - oranges (fall) - and white (winter) combustion of the photo.  I vignetted the photo much more than I typically do.  Kind of experimental I guess.  Lmk if you like it or think it's too much :)

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