Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miq Takes Up Modling

Mid 30s, high of 40.  15-20 MPH winds.  An ice cold lake.  Mike Clark (aka Miq) shows off his no longer concave chest by going shirtless into Lyman Lakes ... right when the St. Olaf girls begin to warm up for their soccer game.

My next photo assignment was to get some creative portrait shots.  After searching for a brave soul to jump into the freezing lake with me, Mike was the only one that rose up to the occasion.  Anyways, I'm saving my best shot until after I show it in class this Tuesday. Stay tuned!

PS.  Congratulations Carleton Girls Soccer team for beating St. Olaf 2-1 to enter playoffs.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Out for Fall

So my ankle hasn't been healing too well.  My guess is that I'm probably out for the rest of fall or so.  It doesn't seem to be getting noticeably better, and PT feels like it hurts it...

So I bring my camera to practice every now and then and here are just some random shots for the week.  I took some shots for my next photo essay too, but I don't want to spoil the surprise :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

No Wisconsequences

Lost to Hodags X ... twice.  As always a typical Carleton-Wisconsin debate team game.  Seems to be some new talent on both sides.  I'm excited for this year to say the least.


Besides Wisconsin X, we won all our games finishing 2nd for some buy-1-get-1-free Chipotle coupons (That's how you know Frisbee is a real sport.)  But Chipotle was particularly good after the long weekend.  I only played day 1 due to a recurring injury in my right ankle.  In short, I recently learned I have really bad tendons and that my ankles suck.  As always, CUT leaves with a lot more injuries than we come in with.

As you can tell from the photos, I'm not a huge fan of action photography.  It seems so luck based.  That and I don't think I really have the equipment for it.  Oh well.  This isn't my typical photo-blog post, but I thought these pictures were enjoyable and hope you find them that way too.  CUT makes CUT '10 cuts tonight.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Panorama

o I recently learned how to make panoramas via photoshop.  ...It's surprisingly really easy.  A couple things I forgot to do was to lock my exposure setting so then the sky doesn't look different throughout the picture like it does here.  Also, these shots were taken hand-held during one of CUT's track workouts.  I was injured (B.A.B.)  I could have spent more time with the shots and make sure the focus was better and minimize camera shake next time... O well.

I am suppose to be working on my Ancient Philosophy paper right now, but I decided doing this would be more fun :)  It's not a particularly good picture by any means.  Pretty average to be honest, but I think novelty goes a long way here for me.  Panoramas also don't do to well in this blog format...  For whatever reason, I can't upload it in its full size.  Sorry...   [if you click on the image, I think it gets a little bigger.]

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Early Snow Fall

It's October 12th and everything is coated with a respectable amount of snow.  On my way to Ancient Philosophy in Leighton (coming from French in the LDC) I saw two great shots.  Unfortunately, by the time class ended, the whether warmed up just enough to give the snow a wet, melted look and not the original fluffy first-snow fall that I saw on my way there.  I took the shots anyways and they are decent, though they will require editing.  Instead I captured this shot, which I didn't think would be very good but ended up liking it after all.

I don't consider it a hai-light, but hope you like it nonetheless!  I just enjoy the green (summer) - oranges (fall) - and white (winter) combustion of the photo.  I vignetted the photo much more than I typically do.  Kind of experimental I guess.  Lmk if you like it or think it's too much :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 Days a Week

Sooo this was my first Photo Essay assignment.  It was a little more relaxed and experimental.  The assignment was to tell the story of someone waking up in the morning till they left the door of their room.  This was assigned to the whole class and the point was to be unique.

I had a few ideas.  One was to make everything a slow exposure shot to show the busy-fast-paced mornings.  What I ended up doing was a just-feet perspective.  I presented it as a slide show presentation with a black background acting as my canvas.  The pictures were placed accordingly as if the rest of the picture existed, but was cropped off and just filled with black space.






So the point was that one would assume its a male and then the punch line was that it's actually a girl ... but I don't think it really worked out that way ... I think the viewer ends up just thinking its a foot perspective and the final pictures seems sort of out of place ... sorry to put you all that trouble Natalie ... (Also thanks to everyone else who volunteered to be a part of my shoot!)

Prof enjoyed my photo essay as artistic and unique, but he didn't like my shots.  He also noticed how I compensated for the accidental 1600 ISO by blurring the hell out of everything.  He thought I was trying to give the essay a "soft" touch (which he wasn't the biggest fan of).  Sort of a disappointment overall that he didn't really like it.  I didn't think it was too bad.  The first shot if probably my favorite.  That lighting is 50% photoshoped (we were just taught how to edit in camera raw).  Overall I had a lot of fun doing it!

My next assignment (my first big project) is to create a photo essay for a big-legit event that should be off campus (probably in the cities).  But we can also partner up on this one.  Ideas would be helpful ... whose in a journalism class here?