Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squirrels, Apples, and even some more Hay

So I finished my Two-up assignment for photography today.  I spent a couple too many hours working on it though in my opinion.  The biggest problem I ran into this time was that I could not materialize the images in my imagination.  I just didn't have the time or resources.  Two-ups are much more simple than they sound.  They are essentially two pictures put next to each other and in some way heightens the experience of both pictures.  Common choices are contrasting pictures, themed pictures,patterned pictures, and narrative pictures.  Mine turned out to be patterned.

Some of my original ideas included getting a slow exposure shot of squirrels playing with apples and then a mound of apples on the kitchen table untouched (also a slow exposure pic with people walking around).  I could never get close enough to the squirrels.  Nor did they like my apples...  My next idea was to have a shot from a puppy's perspective (with the back of the dog's head visible) looking at his frustrated and angered owner standing by a chewed couch or a wet carpet stain or something of the sort.  The accompanying picture would be from the owner's perspective looking down at the innocent puppy.  Instead, these are the shots I took unedited:

Another annoying fact of life that stared me in the face as I put together my Two-up was that my best pictures just didn't mash up very well.  As a result, I used some not-as-great pictures that seemed to posses much more synergy.  Here are my Two-up shots, edits and all:

PS.  All these shots are around Carleton.  Know where they are?  (Thanks Natalie)


  1. Where did you find the wooden wheel thingies?
    Sorry the squirrels weren't cooperating. Maybe they knew that were trying to feed them your leftover apple and became disinterested. Now if you made them apple pie, I'm sure they would have loved to be your model.

  2. Yeah where are the wheely things? Squirrels like acorns don't they. Here is a link to how you can catch a squirrel. Tell me how it goes.

  3. Well I thought squirrels were rodents and would nibble at anything. But I didn't need them to actually eat the apple, just play with it.

    But the wooden spools where in the back yard of Farm House... about as far as you can get from Hill House...