Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sarrows of Labor Day

Labor Day use to signify the start of school.  Unfortunately this year, it means that I will have to wait one more day to get my camera cause UPS doesn't work on Labor Day...  :(

So turns out, the guy didn't really like my design for his website homepage.  He wanted it more modeling oriented as opposed to still life photos and less name-marketing.  Anyways, I edited another batch of his photos to put this together.  Personally I still like the first one more.

I definitely think this one could be better.  There's a lack of a strong focal point.  My intention was for the top photo to be the focal point, but honestly the bikini model on the right is just too hot not to grab your attention.  Unfortunately for him, she's not one of his models.  But yeah, I moved all his still lifes to the background.  I probably could have spent more time to eliminate all the hard lines in the still-life photos, but I'm not getting paid for this and I figured I've spent enough time on it.  And I don't think it's very noticeable anyways.  If he comments on it, I'll fix it.  Hope he likes it I guess.
Back to Carleton at the end of the week to start another year of CUT.

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