Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nikon D3000 Shipped

 So I received an e-mail from J&R yesterday saying that my package has been shipped.  That's right.  Though you probably have already heard from my facebook and/or twitter updates, I am expecting my Nikon D3000 sometime between Friday and Monday.  They said it should take three days to ship to Minnesota, but idk if the day of shipment counts as a day or not.  And whether Saturday counts either.

This first picture I took as a part of a Photoshop project I took on for Tam Bui - BuiPhoto ( and  I created for his homepage picture, but I'll have to wait to see if he likes it.  I uploaded the final product/final picture on twitter: BuiPhoto Homepage Picture

Caterpillar on the Driveway

On another note, here's my first official photo for my photoblog: Caterpillar on the Driveway.  Yeah... nice title right?  I might get more creative once I feel like I might actually get somewhere with my photos.  The picture was taken with my cheap Samsung digital camera.  It's heavily photoshoped.  Created more depth through lighting and dulled the background while sharpening the caterpillar itself.  Pretty wild looking caterpillar though right?  Look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. even if that picture was taken with your "cheap samsung" it's still cool. :) that caterpillar is pretty crazy looking. i always remember finding wooly bears (the brown and orange ones) in my driveway and in the middle of the road as a kid and wondered what the heck they were doing so far away from vegetation.... guess we'll never know what they're thinking though.