Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Hay!

So you might think that's a new one, but nope, I've heard it before.  Some Gods of Plastic members (GOP - Carleton's alternative ultimate team) have decided to start calling me Hey, simply so they can say "Hey Hey!"  It's actually mildly entertaining for some reason.  I'm not really sure why.

Anyways, I wanted to try to create a panorama shot of hay roles scattered along the horizon by the inter-mural fields at Carleton.  However, I was not able to do so successfully.  But I came back with a few hai-lights anyways :)

I'd say these pictures capture the image of northfield pretty well.  Just a whole lot of nothing in the middle of nowhere.  Except there's a couple colleges and a Malt-o-Meal factory tossed on to the terrain.

As for my latest photo assignment, I ended up taking pictures of the Union Street Block Party.  It really wasn't that great of a shot, but I think I did a good job of telling the story.  Problem is, it really wasn't a story worth telling.  Not a whole lot happens in the middle of nowhere.  Journalism photography is a pretty big challenge.  It's really different from what I'm use to.  As you can see, I find landscape and nature shots much for natural and simplistic.  Oh well.  Just something for me to work on!

Can you answer all What? Why? Where? When? How? and Who? with either of these pictures?


  1. I like the first picture of hay bails (with the trees in the background) the most.My frisbee I like even better. In the Union Street Block party it is hard to tell exactly what you want the viewer to focus on (that might be the point of the photo if not you should focus in more on one object/face/smile/etc.)

  2. That's something to think about.

    My original intent was to capture a sense of "a party" which i equivocate with the presence of many people. I also wanted to emphasize the presence of minorities. But I agree there is a distinct lack of a focal point. It's much harder when people aren't posing for you...

    I'll work on it though :)