Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Shots


And I immediately went to the U of M Arboretum with Tam.  Unfortunately my battery which I had not allowed to fully charge ran out pretty fast and so I used his camera.  He's given me complete rights to all the photos we took.  This also means that I have no idea which photos are mine and which are his.  So just dropping some credit to Tam Bui of BuiPhotos.

Anyways, here are three shots I wanted to share.  Click to see the full-size picture.  There were plenty of others, but I figured I can only share so many on blog and still have people actually look at them :)


I didn't think captions were necessary.  None of these photos are edited.  Only because my photoshop stopped working.  I'll have to wait till Carleton to download updates and whatnots.


  1. If you couldn't tell, the photos with the blueberries were set up.

  2. set up or not, these are still some great photos. I really like the water lily one

  3. nice! i really like the lily water one too! :)