Thursday, September 17, 2009

Digital Photography: Chapel Exterior

So my first photo assignment for digital photography (we had reading and stuff too) was to take 3 shots of the chapel exterior on campus in a way that people do not typically perceive the chapel.  I took about 44 shots worth keeping and easily over 100 shots overall.  Anyways, after asking a few people for their opionions, I limited it down to a smaller batch.  Here were some of the runner ups:

Here are the 3 that I am submitting.  No edits.

LMK what you guys think and whether I made the right decisions are not.


  1. These are sweet. I saw James working on this project too. I'd recommend heading up here to the penthouse if you have a decent zoom - it's a sweet view of the chapel from the balcony, especially at sun set. Just a thought.


  2. I like the three you chose, but I really like the one 2 above the 3 you chose, even though the framing is off but just a hair. It's still really good. reminds me of a medieval cloister (what else would i say, right? haha) But I like them. This is a very interesting new talent/hobby of yours!

  3. @Peter, unfortunately I don't have any telephoto lenses. Though I'm not sure if that's what you meant by decent zoom. And thanks for the advice! [Even though the assignment is over now :)] Thanks for checking in!

    @Anne, I had to google image what a medieval cloister was exactly. I guess the only reason I didn't chose that shot is because I thought it was too common of a chapel perspective. My intention was to play with colors - the color of the roof and doors. Unfortunately without editing, the colors are just not vibrant enough to give the desired effect. But I'm glad your enjoying my shots!

  4. Krissy and Chelsea17 September, 2009 23:11

    We liked the one second to the bottem, the one third to the bottem, and the third one from the top.