Monday, August 31, 2009


Dang...  The first shipments of the Nikon D3000 shipped to stores August 28th and left the warehouses for costumers that day... but I wasn't one of those people...  I've been back-ordered (which means I won't get it for a while more...)  Typically it takes 3-5 days for a store to get another shipment, so I'm expecting my camera to come in probably sometime in the second week of September... unfortunately.

Once I do get the camera and become somewhat familiar with it, I'm hoping to jump into infrared (IR) photography and some pin-hole photography. I have no idea if my camera can handle IR photography as is, but I really hope it can.  If it can't... o well I guess.  I can't afford to drop another grand on a lens or camera just for IR shots.

Once I do get my camera though, my first shots will probably be landscape shots.  Already have a mental list of places I want to shoot locally:
1) Sculpture Garden
2) Loring Park - Did you guys hear?  There's a 10 story parking ramp coming in with a 10-story mural painting.
3) Hidden Beach
4) Stela's Fish Cafe
5) Beth El
6) SLP Water Tower

Yeah, the first few are pretty similar to Anna's, but they're pretty popular sites too.  Yeah... sorry I don't have any awesome photos to share with you guys yet.  But here's one I took from the Walker Art Center Balcony:

Hopefully I'll have my camera and another post (with photo hai-lights!!) in a week or so.

EDIT:  So today I recieved an E-mail saying I should expect my camera sometime around September 14th.  So I spend the morning searching for online orders with in-store pick ups.  Couldn't find any good options.  So I checked and found Circuit City (CC) has 15% cashback on today.  When the DSLR is $600, that's quite a bit of money cashback.  Anyways, I called them and they said they are out of stock at the moment, but are expecting a newshipment sometime next week. So I placed an order and called to cancel my J&R order.  To my surprise, they said they just received a new shipment and will be shipping out my order tomorrow and that I can expect it in 3 business days.  The thing is, CC would still be $30 cheaper, but I'm so sick of waiting on back-orders and CC couldn't garuntee me a shipping date.  I would need this camera for sure before I leave for college for a photography class too.  So I kept the J&R order, accepted I will not be saving an additional $30, and called CC to cancel my newly placed order.  Hmmm... $30 is quite a bit though... questionable decision now that I think about it...


  1. On a better note though, I am expecting my camera either on the 5th or the 7th!!!

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